Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Punishment and Society Blog: Getting Started

Following yet another excellent Law and Society conference, CRN 27 Punishment and Social Control (henceforth Punishment & Society) is kickin' in it up a notch with a snazzy new blog. Check back here for:
  • CRN member spotlights featuring blurbs about folks' current or forthcoming research 
  • Book roundups briefly highlighting new books that might be of interest to P&S scholars (some posts will just list new books, others will include a blurb from the publisher) 
  • Article roundups briefly highlighting working papers/articles posted to SSRN or published articles as they come out 
  • Actual posts by dedicated and guest bloggers writing about their research, current events, the field, whatever strikes their fancy 
  • Public service announcements: conferences coming up, calls for papers, job/fellowship ads
A word of warning: posts may become sporadic at some times, particularly after periods of heavy posting. Make sure to check back at least once a month. There will be updates at least that often (but we'll aim for more frequent).

Do you have news, research, books, articles, anything to which you want to alert the P&S community? Email us at!

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