About the CRN

Ad Hoc Planning and Advisory Committee:

Our Law & Society Association affiliated Collaborative Research Network (CRN) Punishment and Society (formerly Prisoners and Prisons, and later Punishment and Social Control) began in earnest in 2007.

The chief objective of our CRN is to bring together seasoned and younger scholars from multiple disciplinary fields and perspectives who are engaged in studying the regressive impacts of formal and informal punitive and social control regimes on community life, within carceral institutions, and implications for governance. We also invite those involved in studying the progressive impacts of rehabilitation and restorative programs across these various spheres of inquiry. Finally, we invite scholars interested in the ways formally and informally organized groups engage in acts of contestation and resistance from a multitude of perspectives. We also hope the CRN will serve as a vehicle for organizing cross-disciplinary and cross-national research, discussion, and debate on this ever important and growing agenda of research and to create opportunities for alliances with social justice and human rights organizations.

This interdisciplinary group of scholars seeks to understand the social, political, economic, and cultural underpinnings of punishment. We examine punishment in all its guises, not limited to prisons and executions, or community corrections, but also in immigrant detention facilities, mental institutions, welfare offices, schools, neighborhoods, and downtown. We examine punishments across time and space, examining historical change, international differences, and local variation within individual countries. We examine penal policies as established at the organizational, state, and national levels and punishment in practice, as meted out behind closed doors or on city streets. We examine not only punishment’s origins, but also its consequences for society. Ultimately, we examine punishment, broadly construed, as it is experienced, constructed, and contested around the world, throughout history.


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