Sunday, October 2, 2016

Members' Recent Publication Digest - October Edition

October 2016


Brown, M., & Schept, J. (2016). New Abolition, Criminology and a Critical Carceral Studies. Punishment & Society. DOI: 10.1177/1462474516666281

Kerrison, E. M., Bachman, R., & Paternoster, R. (2016). The Effects of Age at Release on Women’s Desistance Trajectories: A Mixed-Method Analysis. Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology. DOI: 10.1007/s40865-016-0039-0

Paternoster, R., Bachman, R., Kerrison, E., O’Connell, D., and Smith, L. (2016). Desistance from Crime and Identity: An Empirical Test with Survival Time. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 43(9), 1204-1224.

Rubin, A. T. (2016). Penal Change as Penal Layering: A Case Study of Proto-Prison Adoption and Capital Punishment Reduction, 1785–1822. Punishment & Society, 18(4), 420-441.


Dzur, A., Loader, I., & Sparks, R. (Eds.). (2016). Democratic Theory and Mass Incarceration. New York: Oxford University Press.

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