Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Special Issues of Especial Interest!

A new and very exciting special issue of Social Justice is forthcoming in just a few weeks entitled Beyond Mass Incarceration: Crisis & Critique in North American Penal Systems and features an all-star lineup of authors and subjects (more information here), including a book review symposium of Jonathan Simon's Mass Incarceration on Trial. A brief description of the issue (cribbed from the website) follows:
After decades of vertical increases in imprisonment rates, the US carceral system is in a state of structural crisis. A growing public awareness of the spiraling social and economic costs of this hypertrophic carceral machine seems to provide a window of opportunity to challenge the American penal state. Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of mass incarceration, or are the recent reform initiatives subtle ways to tinker with the system? What radical agendas for penal reform could emerge in the present conjuncture? Using an interdisciplinary lens, the essays featured in this special issue of Social Justice analyze the carceral field in the United States and Canada in an attempt to decode current trends and anticipate future developments.
Copied from the site:

Editor’s Introduction [free download available soon]
Five Theses on Mass Incarceration
Alessandro De Giorgi
Razing the Carceral State
Marie Gottschalk 
Injury and Accumulation: Making Sense of the Punishing State
Noah De Lissovoy 
Assessing the Boundaries of ‘Public Criminology’: On the Pitfalls of Reformist, Elite-Oriented Engagement and Discipline JustificationJustin Piché 
Advocacy and Academia: Considering Strategies of Cooperative EngagementAbby Deshman & Kelly Hannah-Moffat
Policing Carceral Boundaries: Access to Information and Research with PrisonersDawn Moore, Lisa Wright & Vincent Kazmierski 
Complicity and Redemption: The Boundaries of Scholarly GazingShoshana Pollack & Tiina Eldridge 
“Ripping Off Some Room for People to Breathe”: “Peer to Peer” Education in PrisonSimone Weil Davis & Bruce Michaels 
Book Review Symposium: Jonathan Simon, Mass Incarceration on Trial
Contributors: Leonidas Cheliotis, Benjamin Fleury-Steiner, Mona Lynch, Rebecca McLennan, Tony Platt & Jonathan Simon
Book Review: Hadar Aviram, Cheap on Crime: Recession-Era Politics and the Transformation of American Punishment
Reviewed by Alessandro De Giorgi