Saturday, August 1, 2015

First Digest of Recently Published Work by P&S Members

As compiled by Miltonette Craig:


Bohon, Stephanie, Conley, Meghan, and Brown, Michelle. (2014). Unequal Protection under the Law: Encoding Racial Disparities in the Case of Smith v. Georgia. American Behavioral Science, 58, 1910-1926.

Brown, Michelle. (2014). Of Prisons, Gardens, and the Way Out. Studies in Law, Politics, and Society, 64, 67-85.

Brown, Michelle. (2014). Visual Criminology and Carceral Studies. Theoretical Criminology, 18, 176-197.

Bumiller, Kristin. (2015). Bad Jobs and Good Workers: The Hiring of Ex-Prisoners in a Segmented Economy. Theoretical Criminology, 19, 336-354.

Burkhardt, Brett C. (2015). Where Have All the (White and Hispanic) Inmates Gone? Comparing the Racial Composition of Private and Public Adult Correctional Facilities. Race and Justice, 5, 33-57.

Burkhardt, Brett C. (2014). Private Prisons in Public Discourse: Measuring Moral Legitimacy. Sociological Focus, 47, 279-298.

Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin. (2015). Effects of Life Imprisonment and the Crisis of Prisoner Health. Criminology & Public Policy, 14. DOI: 10.1111/1745-9133.12132.

Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin, Kaplan, Paul, and Longazel, Jamie. (2015). Racist Localisms and the Enduring Cultural Life of America’s Death Penalty: Lessons from Maricopa County, Arizona. Studies in Law, Politics, and Society, 66, 63-85.

Goodman, Philip. (2014). Race in California’s Prison Fire Camps for Men: Prison Politics, Space, and the Racialization of Everyday Life. American Journal of Sociology, 120, 352-394.

Goodman, Philip, Page, Joshua, and Phelps, Michelle. (2014). The Long Struggle: An Agonistic Perspective on Penal Development. Theoretical Criminology. DOI: 10.1177/1362480614547151

Green, David A. (2015). U.S. Penal-Reform Catalysts, Drivers, and Prospects. Punishment & Society, 17, 271-298.

Kaufman, Nicole. (2015). Prisoner Incorporation: The Work of the State and Non-Governmental Organizations. Theoretical Criminology. DOI: 10.1177/0123456789123456.

Kerrison, Erin M. (2015). White Claims to Illness and the Race-Based Medicalization of Addiction for Drug-Involved Former Prisoners. Harvard Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice, 31.

LaChance, Daniel, and Kaplan, Paul. (2015). The Seductions of Crimesploitation: Apprehending Sex Offenders on Primetime Television. Law, Culture, and the Humanities. DOI: 10.1177/1743872115578070.

Longazel, Jamie. (2014). Rhetorical Barriers to Mobilizing for Immigrant Rights: White Innocence and Latina/o Abstraction. Law & Social Inquiry, 39, 580-600.

Rubin, Ashley T. (2015). A Neo-Institutional Account of Prison Diffusion. Law & Society Review, 49, 365-399.

Rubin, Ashley T. (2015). Resistance or Friction: Understanding the Significance of Prisoners’ Secondary Adjustments. Theoretical Criminology, 19, 23-42.

Van Cleve, Nicole Gonzales and Mayes, Lauren. (2015). Criminal Justice Through “Colorblind” Lenses: A Call to Examine the Mutual Constitution of Race and Criminal Justice. Law & Social Inquiry, 40, 406-432.


Brown, Michelle. (2014). “Which Question? Which Lie?”: Reflections on Payne v. Tennessee and the “Quick Glimpse” of Life. In Austin Sarat (Ed.), The Punitive Imagination: Law, Justice, and Responsibility (127-156). Birmingham: University of Alabama Press.

Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin and Longazel, Jamie (2013). The Pains of Mass Imprisonment. New York: Routledge.

LaChance, Daniel. (2015). Rehabilitating Violence: White Masculinity and Harsh Punishment in 1990s Popular Culture. In Charles Ogletree, Jr., and Austin Sarat (Eds.), Punishment and Popular Culture (161-196). New York: New York University Press.

Longazel, Jamie and van der Woude, Maartje (special issue editors) (2014). The Negotiated Expansions of Immigration Control. Law & Social Inquiry, 39(3). 

If you would like your recently published book or article to be included in the next digest,
please send your citation information to Miltonette Craig ( by September 30.

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